Trade BitCoins Through Your Social Graph… With A Little Bit Of Help From Your BitFriends – Forbes

There is an all new way that people are now able to trade their BitCoins. This currency has become increasingly popular among many users out there. BitFriends is an all new system that will enable to people to trade this currency in some truly unique ways. Users will be impressed by the opportunity to actually use their social graph, which can help them revamp the way that they conduct their transactions.

Chicago Sun-Times to experiment with Bitcoin Paywall | SiliconANGLE

Bitcoin has proven to be popular among many different users out there, but many remain skeptical. The currency has been producing over 60,000 transactions per day, which may surprise many people out there. The Chicago Sun-Times will be conducting a new experiment that will test the paywall of the currency. This may provide people with all new ways of using the currency in just a short amount of time.

Bitcoin insurance is now available | Live Insurance News

Bitcoin is the new digital currency. Although a neat idea, a big problem it is facing are the hackers. How can you keep your Bitcoin currency safe? Now there is a rather new service to protect digital currency from loss or theft. Recently opened in the UK, this service claims to keep Bitcoins safe by providing insurance coverage.

Betting Against Bitcoin With Options | Options Weekly

The article considers the possibility of bitcoin being a bubble and discusses options for going short against it with put options. There are monthly or even hourly options. It lists a couple traders that allow short options against it. It discusses some potential problems in pricing bitcoin. It is indicated that the price that matters is the one used by your options broker.

Bitcoin’s Future Foretold By Developer Momentum | TechCrunch

The Bitcoin currency has become an increasingly popular option for many investors, but it still has its detractors. There are some indications that the value of the currency will continue to rise in the future. Web development has actually been a strong indicator of the future of this currency. This seems to show that the Bitcoin is set to outpace other major currency sites in terms of future development it creates.


The Bitcoin currency has generated quite a bit of news lately. There have recently been some cyber attacks on the way that Bitcoin is traded online. This has caused many to speculate that the attacks were designed to manipulate the currency. Many will want to follow how these stories develop, since it may very well impact how they make their own investment decisions over the Bitcoin currency.

China Bites Into Bitcoin – Forbes

Though Bitcoin has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years, it does have its critics. China may be one of its strongest detractors, since the country has taken steps to limit the use of the currency. The country has enacted laws that have prevented the transfer of the Bitcoin in to any physical currency in the country. This has left many wondering what the future of Bitcoin will be if it will succeed in China.

ASIC Manufacturer HashFast Faces Legal Action From Bitcoin Miners

Customers of HashFast, a company that sells mining products, are talking about taking the company to court, over a recent refund dispute. The company sold an item called “Baby Jet” with a guaranteed shipping date, and full refund, but fell short of the shipping date. This item was sold for “bitcoins”, and the problem came in when the exchange rate for this currency raised considerably, after the purchases fof Baby Jets were made.

Dogecoin Fetches 300 Percent Jump in Value in 24 Hours | Digital Trends

Even though it was originally created as a joke, Dogecoin has actually proven to be quite popular. It is one of the newest incarnations of cryptocurrency around. It was made as a spoof of the Bitcoin and featured a popular internet meme as its mascot. But there is evidence that the currency is actually gaining popularity among users. It has even fared better than many of its competitors over the past few weeks.

Bitcoin Digital Wallet Blockchain Hits 1M Users: Video – Bloomberg

The Bitcoin Digital Wallet has become a staple for many users out there. Blockchain has also become a vital component of this digital currency, which has proven to be very appealing. This site has recently seen its user base reach 1 million people. This represents a substantial growth for the site, which has spurred its CEO to talk about the different options that it can provide to people interested in the Bitcoin market.