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The Silk Road website was a black market marketplace on the web that controlled a large portion of the Bitcoin currency. Now, the marketplace has been closed, and the website has an FBI take down notice. It was a deep web market that sold illicit drugs and made millions of dollars over the course of three years.

‘THEY ARE WATCHING’: Bitcoin Users Are Freaking Out About The Arrest Of The Alleged Founder Of Silk Road – Business Insider

A new type of online currency has started to gain attention. Bitcoin is a form of online currency, that was mostly used on the secret website silk road. This website was mainly involved in the buying and selling of illegal drugs online. Federal agents caught on to this scheme however, and the creator of the site was arrested.

The FBI and the legitimation of the bitcoinverse | Felix Salmon

What will be the fate of the Bitcoin? Differing ideas are voiced by various experienced economists, whose differing beliefs spell a booming successful future for Bitcoin, with Silk Road’s demise. The opinion that Bitcoin will not last much longer is also presented, because of the nature the currency was being used. Others, who attempt to use this currency for payment may feel as though they are no longer anonymous.