PAYMENTS INSIGHTS: Zynga Is Giving Bitcoin A Test Drive In Its Social Games | Hot News International

Many Bitcoin users are looking for new ways that they can effectively utilize their currency. This currency is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who just want to use it casually. Many will be impressed that Zynga is preparing to unveil an all new use for the Bitcoin. They will allow their users to try out Bitcoin usage when they play some of their different social games.

Would Bitcoin Have Prevented the Biggest Credit Card Theft in History? | Motherboard

Though it didn’t make much of a splash in major news outlets, there was a major theft recently online. This has lead many people to speculate about whether online point of sale security is sufficient for today’s technology. Others are wondering whether they can get protection if they utilize Bitcoin currency. This is raising quite a debate on the future of modern sales and how the currency may be used to protect consumers.

Lesson Learned: TV Anchor Shows Off Bitcoin, Is Instantly Robbed | Entrepreneur.com

Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV illustrated the use of digital currency on the show topic: “12 Days of Bitcoin.” During the programming one of the participants showed the QR code. The QR Code was used to provide the thief with $20.  The announcement of the thief was made on Reddit. The QR Code was on one of the certificates issued to the television hosts. It is important not to show the QR Code of the private key that was displayed for 10 seconds.

Coinbase Reels in $25 Million Funding Round – JOSIC Media

Bitcoins is becoming an acceptable form of currency. Bitcoins is not yet regulated by the government and is maintained by Coinbase. Coinbase provides security in regards to those who use bitcoins are online currency. There has been speculation that bitcoins has been used in criminal online activity. Government regulation could curtail any activity that was not legal in regards to using bitcoins as currently.

NYT: How a programmer paid $6M in Bitcoin for two pizzas and other tales from the digital currency mines | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean Takahashi

Though the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated recently, that hasn’t stopped the buzz from continuing. As more people get interested in the currency, major news outlets are starting to pay attention to the people involved. There are some people who actually mine Bitcoins for a living, or at least dabble in it. Some readers may be interested in hearing some stories revolving around how these miners are utilizing their currency.

Coinbase Nets $25 Million in Largest Ever Bitcoin Fundraise | Mauricio Gonzalez

Supporters of the Bitcoin currency will be impressed by the large fundraising effort that has been occurring recently. Coinbase has managed to cobble together $25 million from a few different donors. This will be used to promote the Bitcoin currency and get people interested in what it has to offer. This actually interests the largest ever fundraiser surrounding the Bitcoin currency, indicating some of the interest people have in it.

Alleged Silk Road Administrators Arrested in Virigina, Australia, and Ireland | Bitcoin Blogger

There have been a few arrests made as people have tried to track down administrators in charge of Silk Road. This was the site of some infamous crackdowns that occurred on the internet recently. There have been many allegations made about the illegal trades that have been occurring on the website. This could be a major break for investigators looking to put an end to the site for good.

My Thoughts on Last Night’s BTC Crash and a Guest Post on “Why Bitcoin Will Succeed” | A Lightning War for Liberty

Bitcoins is more than just digital currency. Bitcoins is backed by tangibles and can purchase items that no other digital currency can exchange. The Russians have copied the bitcoins so there is value in it. The United States will act to prevent bitcoin circulation with possibly the inclusion of an alternative product to dilute the international impact of the currency.

Richard Branson: Buy your space flight with bitcoin – NBC News.com

Anyone fascinated by space travel will want to check out this new service that people can find through Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson has indicated that people will now be able to purchase a space flight by using Bitcoin currency. This has encouraged many people to take a second look at the services offered by this space flight agency. This could offer people the chance of a lifetime to take one of these trips.