Will Bitcoin Thefts Hurt the Cryptocurrency’s Growth? | Motherboard

The Bitcoin currency has dramatically risen over the past few years, which has drawn in a fair bit of attention. But a recent string of thefts has cast some doubt over the viability of the currency model. The Sheep Marketplace has been the victim of a few recent attacks, which has drawn in some speculation from investors. This has got many wondering if they really want to invest their capital in to this kind of venture.

Bitcoin And The Two Things You Need To Know | DAN REICH

Bitcoin can be thought of as a currency and as a technology. Bitcoin as a currency democratizes; it takes control of money away from third-parties such as governments. Bitcoins are scarce, convenient, and secure to use, but like gold, no single power owns Bitcoin. Bitcoin also works as a technology because it has a very secure public ledge that cannot be changed once it is entered into because of some highly complex mathematics.

Baidu Stops Accepting Bitcoins After China Ban – Bloomberg | Top Breaking News

The site Baidu has decided to stop receiving Bitcoin, citing some changes that have been occurring. The Chinese government has initiated a few new changes to the laws that govern specific types of currency transactions. This has caused a corresponding drop in the value of the Bitcoin, which caused a small panic among investors. Some people may want to watch to see how this affects the future of the currency.

Center for a Stateless Society » Why They Really Fear Bitcoin

The rise of the Bitcoin currency has drawn in attention from many consumers out there. This has got many people interested in the long term viability of the currency itself. But there are some who are trying to decry the currency as just another fad. There are some who may actually fear the rise of the Bitcoin. This article explores some of the reasons why this currency may expand in influence over the next few years.

San Francisco Doctor Accepts Bitcoin to Protect Patient Privacy

If for any reason you are in need of a doctor accepting bitcoin, you are in luck. Dr. Paul Abramson’s private practice in San Francisco is one of the first in the private healthcare sector to accept the controversial new tender called bitcoin. Abramson decided to accept bitcoins to protect his patient’s sensitive medical and financial information. Also to prevent access to the records in the future.

Apple’s Tumultuous Relationship With Bitcoin Apps – Mac Rumors

Apple has continually forced developers to remove apps from the Apple iStore. They never specify a reason, they only ever say that it is due to violations in the developers agreement. It seems more like Apple is trying a wait and see approach but as long as they continue this stance, developers will be stuck marketing their bitcoin applications anywhere but the Apple iStore.

Chinese vendors stop taking bitcoins as a result of new regulations | IT News

The article in IT news investigates the recent developments of the new cryptocurrency, bitcoins, in China. Several Chinese vendors were gaining attention as they opened their wallets to the new form of currency that lives entirely in the web. This came to a crashing halt when the Chinese government banned banks from trading bitcoins. While China is still allowing its citizens to buy the cyber currency, it is now being heavily scrutinized.

Swiss Lawmakers Propose Treating Bitcoin as Foreign Currency

The Swiss Parliament is deciding whether or not to make an up-coming form of currency called “bitcoin” a legitimate form of currency in Switzerland. Bitcoin is already being used but making it a legal tender will increase it’s popularity and ensure bitcoin users legal backing. The move in legislature will also investigate the benefits, if any, on the financial markets in Switzerland.

Bitcoin, the blueprint for tomorrow’s digital economy | New Media Warrior

Bitcoin emerged during the global financial crises in 2008. From the moment the programmer,Satoshi Nakamoto, set the idea forth it has been both praised and cursed. It is a fully “free” currency. Completely unregulated by any of the current models used by any of the large banking systems, it holds to both destroy the world’s economy or become the savior that stabalizes the global markets.