Bitcoin-accepting Subway sandwich shop discovered in the US – CoinDesk

A Subway shop in Allentown, Pennslyvania, is the second franchise of the sandwich chain known to be accepting payment by Bitcoin. (The first known was an outlet in Moscow.) Video of a Bitcoin transaction at the Allentown store included in the article shows, however, that the purchase was far from seamless. The employee of the store had not previously accepted a payment in BTC. As digital currency becomes more acceptable, other businesses will want to consider accepting Bitcoin in lieu of more traditional payments.

As Chinese Investors Pile Into Bitcoin, China’s Oldest Exchange, BTC China, Raises $5M From Lightspeed | TechCrunch

The article is about Chinese Bitcoin exchange, BTC China who was able to close a $5 million Series A from institutional investors from Lightspeed. It discussed the growing popularity of Bitcoin, which is a online currency that is starting to become quite a trend. Right now in China they have raised awareness of how Bitcoins can be used in investments.

Bitcoin Singapore Conference: Charlie Shrem to be the Principal Speaker | Forex Minute – Financial News | Stock Market | Trading Commodities | Binary Options Updates – Forex Minute Portal

Headlining this year’s Bitcoin Singapore Conference is none other than Charles “Charlie” Shrem IV himself. Shrem co-founded the Bitcoin startup company. A native of New York, Shrem started his company with just $1,000. He became a millionaire at the age of 20. Several other experts are scheduled to speak at the conference, which is on November 15.

Is Bitcoin Finally Going Mainstream

This article is about a new ATM type machine that can be used anywhere to make purchases in different locations. The machine is called “Bitcoin ATM” and it accepts only cash rather than cards like the typical ATM. The machine allows you to put in funds and access it at the current exchange rate in different places, not requiring you to use a regular bank to make purchases or store your money. The system just launched and has already had a lot of interest.

Bitcoin Climbs To Highest Since April, Led By Chinese Actions | Zero Hedge

The online currency Bitcoin has been steadily rising, thanks in part to a few different variables. Chinese markets have encouraged the company to develop further, which may help many people regain confidence in the value of the currency. Some people have also speculated that the closure of the Silk Road provided Bitcoin with some temporary exposure in the media. The price of Bitcoin currency has actually gone up to its highest level since April.

Bitcoins Now a Currency Accepted for Plastic Surgery in Miami

Bitcoin has become a new form of internet currency that can has frequently been used online to make purchases. Customers use an online account to load funds that are then exchanged at the current exchange rate for Bitcoin. Vanity Cosmetic Surgery is now accepting Bitcoin as payment for plastic surgery. They are branching into a whole new type a service that will decrease the limits on transacting purchases or traveling from outside of the country.

Why Are People So Excited About A Bitcoin ATM?

The first Bitcoin ATM was installed this week, in Vancouver, Canada. Although Canada does not recognize Bitcoin as an official currency, users say Bitcoin is an international, deregulated currency which allows for financial transactions without fees across the globe. Although Bitcoin does not collect personal information at ATM transactions, the machine takes a palm scan of the individual making the transaction.

Brazilian Magazine SUPER Embraces Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin emerged in 2008 as a cyber currency allowing the buyers and sellers in the digital world to exchange value through decentralized yet stable system. In Brazil the premier magazine ‘Super’ has taken steps to recognize this new payment system which makes its content available to readers across the globe. For those with family or business in this country, it is time to get a Bitcom account and enjoy this magazine online.

Bitcoin boom: Virtual currency hits all-time high of $309

Bitcoins are doing better than ever, and have reached a high of $309. But the U.S. government is cracking down, on what they say are Bitcoins used to purchase drugs. There are more than 12 million Bitcoins in circulation, used for everything from paying for coffee to online dating services. Bitcoins are also a common currency for criminality and drugs.

Tomcar Australia: World’s FIRST Original Equipment Car Manufacturer to Accept – Bitcoin Magazine

Tomcar, a manufacturer of unique and specialized off road commercial vehicles, is now going to accept Bitcoin as payment. This is being made possible through a partnership with Coinjar. By accepting this new form of payment Tomcar is now viewed as a pioneer in the way that we pay for our goods.