Mediabistro to Host Second Inside Bitcoins in Las Vegas – Bitcoin Magazine

The Inside Bitcoin Conference will be held in Las Vegas on December 11th and 12th, 2013. This conference is meant to focus on the growing usage of Bitcoin in the Gaming and Casino industry. This conference is aimed for entrepreneurs, developers and other who have a great interest in Bitcoin growth. This article briefly describes the keynote speakers of the conference including Bitcoin expert Justin O?Connell.

Porn production company now accepts Bitcoin as payment | Adult mobile content news | Mobile Entertainment

This article is amount the use of Bitcoin being accepted as payment for pornography website subscription. Bitcoin is a virtual peer to peer technology form of currency in which no banks or central authority operating or over seeing it. This new form of payment will allow for individuals in countries without a form of a credit card to join these pornography sites.

Bill & Ted actor Alex Winter to direct Silk Road documentary

Alex Winter will be directing the new documentary “Deep Web”, which is about the use of internet and it’s correlation to a new type of drug dealing. Winter was at one time relatively important, but has since disappeared from the limelight of Hollywood, so it is exciting to see him reappearing. This project will be funded by online fundraisers.

As Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High, Analyst Explains Why It Has Come Back From The Dead

Bitcoin’s decline in popularity has done a 180 and moved upward in value. Back in April earlier this year, Bitcoin reached a peak price of $266, however, it has just hit a higher value of $270. Bitcoin exchange continues to grow in popularity in China, overshadowing the exchange in Japanese, American and European markets.

The best way to take control of Bitcoin? Rally other greedy “selfish miners” | Ars Technica

There’s a new cartel in town and it’s in the form of a hacker called a selfish miner. They have found a way to hack your digital wallet called Bitcoins. They are getting to wise with their schemes and they are gaining access to web hosts and causing the economy to go into a disarray. These thieves are redirecting Bitcoins and taking over and exploiting other miners for their own selfish needs, causing other people to lose their Bitcoins. They have been using Malaware, Phishing and hacking to do their dirty deed to take over the Bitcoin Banks.

A Booming Bitcoin Community in India – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin is big business in Southeast Asia. One in every seven people in the world lives in India, and the Bitcoin market in India is growing exponentially. They are embracing the possibilities for Bitcoin, and working on ways to build trust and security in the system. India is a technological hub, which makes it ripe for Bitcoin’s rapid expansion.

Silk Road case could set bitcoin legal precedent – CoinDesk

The U.S. government wants to confiscate Silk Road’s Bitcoins, valued at approximately $80 million. The only way the United States will gain access is if Ross Ulbricht is ordered to turn over his pass phrase and keys. This could pose a 5th Amendment problem for the government, as Ulbright would have to admit the Bitcoins are his in order to comply.

London Bitcoin exchange opens for business – Oct. 29, 2013

An exclusive Bitcoin exchange catering to the European and U.K. markets opens up in London, although with their budding newfound status they still have a way to go before becoming federally validated. Learn about the origins and the future of the revolutionary new virtual currency as it pertains to earning them and the risks of using them on certain online markets.

Man Forgets About Buying $27 of Bitcoin, Is Now Worth About $1 Million

An Oslo man had the foresight to buy up a small amount of Bitcoins 4 years ago and has now found himself owning almost a million dollars worth. The online currency is well known for undergoing some rapid fluctuations, but the man was surprised to see that his account had grown so much. This came as a surprise, because he had actually completely forgotten that he owned this currency in the first place.

BitPay processes $1 million bitcoin order for Butterfly Labs – CoinDesk

The online currency Bitcoins have been drawing in a lot of attention recently, and Butterfly Labs is going to be making a major investment soon. The company has received over $1 million in investment capital to start up a new mining operation. This has helped spur on some consumer interest about the practicality of this new venture.