First Chinese Food for Bitcoins at Old Ginger – Bitcoin Vancouver (Vancouver , BC) – Meetup

On Saturday, November 2nd from 5-10pm, there will be a celebration of the opening of the first Chinese restaurant in Canada to accept Bitcoins, Old Ginger. The owner will be providing beer but attendees should tip the waiter/waitress. For those without Bitcoins, you can still order with regular cash, debit, and credit. Ideas for the future of Bitcoin and the currency revolution will be discussed.

The Future Of Bitcoin Will Depend On Upcoming Startups, Regulatory Issues And China | TechCrunch

While the digital currency Bitcoin is only just beginning to break into more widespread acceptance, it has already demonstrated that it could become a major tool for the average person and a massive point of investment for business.

Bitcoin in Israel, Part 3: Interview on Alternative Currencies – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoins purpose is being One True Currency. Crypto-currencies are out there but the most promising and the one that is promised to stay in Israel and around the World is Bitcoin. A comparison is made with other companies that have tried to succeed without much success. Technicalities and issues are discussed: why Bitcoin is better than the rest.

Bitcoinvention Asia to Explore the Future of Bitcoin in Asia | Forex Minute – Financial News | Stock Market | Trading Commodities | Binary Options Updates – Forex Minute Portal

Oron Barber and Eilon Arad, the two Bitcoin entrepreneurs based in Asia, plan to spread knowledge about Bitcoin among stakeholders in Asia at next year’s Bitcoinvention Asia in Makati City, Philippines. Although Bitcoin is gaining popularity in Asian countries, there is still an overall lack of information about the emerging currency. The organizers expect the convention to be a huge success.

Baidu Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments For Security Purposes

Many thought that Bitcoin was surely on the road to destruction when the Silk Road was closed down by the US government. But now it is back and it is stronger than ever! A large part of this recovery is that Baidu, a Chinese search engine and platform developer similar to Google, is accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its products and services.

Sea Sonic to Produce the Power Supply for HashFast’s Bitcoin Mining Systems | Forex Minute – Financial News | Stock Market | Trading Commodities | Binary Options Updates – Forex Minute Portal

Sea Sonic Electronics Co. Ltd has agreed to produce power supplies for HashFast Technologies’s upcoming Bitcoin mining systems. Sea Sonic power supplies are known for their highly efficient power supplies, which will be beneficial in reducing the excess heat and electrical costs involved in Bitcoin mining.

BIPS to Offer 40,000 Merchants Using Bigcommerce the Option to Accept Payments in Bitcoin | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

BIPS, a Copenhagen-based payment processor, announced today that any merchant using the Bigcommerce platform will be able to start accepting Bitcoins through BIPS simply by creating a BIPS account with the appropriate banking information. This solution will allow merchants to accept Bitcoin payments with minimal effort, as the entire process can be completed in only a few minutes.

SoftTouch POS Integrates Bitcoin Virtual Currency Payment Processing

SoftTouch LLC, producer of SoftTouch supports Bitcoin payments for its product. SoftTouch POS allows merchants to accept Bitcoin for any transaction through a process called integration. Bitcoin has been adopted worldwide because they offers merchants lower transaction fees than credit cards. Since Bitcoin does not have payments that are subjected to chargebacks, it is an attractive currency for international travelers.

Finextra: RedBottle demos Google Glass app for buying instore items with bitcoins

This article is about the upcoming app called glass pay. The app teamed up with the company RedBotte Designs to demo the app. The app allows customers using their google glass or androids to scan bar codes and create a virtual shopping cart. The users of the app pay with bitocins and then go to a location and pick up their products. The app works a lot like current online stores keeping stocked up.

This malware holds your encrypted data ransom for Bitcoins | VentureBeat

Today, opening an email can be dangerous to your personal information. Criminals are using Crypto Locker(a malware) to encrypt your data. When your email is opened, the malware goes from file to file stealing your data. Your data is extracted, then it is encrypted. Once your data is encrypted, you will not be able access it again. When your data is stolen, a ransom is charged to you so that you can retrieve your data.